IPEC-Americas 25th Anniversary

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IPEC-Americas is delighted to announce a special anniversary countdown. In just one more year, during 2016, IPEC-Americas will mark and celebrate its 25th Anniversary! (IPEC-Americas official date of birth: June 18, 1991) Beginning with this month’s IPEC-Americas Insider, Articles from the Archives will be published! Check back every month to read stories about IPEC-Americas history and its growth! This month highlights the very beginning: the birth of IPEC-Americas.

The concept of forming an industry organization focused on pharmaceutical excipient safety and functionality issues first surfaced during a USP Open Conference 24 years ago. On January 30 to February 1, 1991 at the Sheraton World Resort in Orlando, Florida, a Joint Pharmacopeial Open Conference on International Harmonization of Excipient Standards was held. It was during a wine and cheese reception that the founding fathers discussed the creation of an organization focused on excipients. On March 19th, 1991, in Wilmington, Delaware an inaugural meeting was held. READ MORE