Associate Members

There are seven categories of Associate members in IPEC-Americas.

> Graduate Students - ($30 annual dues) Current graduate students in pharmacy and related sciences.

> Academic ($130 annual dues) Current or retired faculty of schools of pharmacy or related sciences.

> Academic Institution - ($255 annual dues) Professors, students (undergrad, grad and post grad), faculty, staff and recent alumni.

> Individual Consultants ($385 annual dues) no more than 2 employees.

> Distributors ($2,550 annual dues).

> Providers of Specialized Services ($2,550) - This category includes advertising agencies, publications, research firms, packagers, etc.

> Not For Profit Scientific Organization ($5,000 annual dues) Groups whose membership primarily is composed of individuals.

> Pharmaceutical Industry Associations ($5,000 annual dues) Organizations whose memberships primarily are composed of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Associate Members may serve on most committees, attend Council meetings and receive bulletins, newsletters, and membership mailings. However, they may not hold elective office and have no voting rights.