IPEC-Americas infographics have been developed by member volunteers who are subject matter experts on the topics. These free resources are available to all industry professionals for use within their organizations. Additional free resources can be found in the Document Depot.

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IPEC-Americas: The Future of Excipients is in Your Hands

This infographic provides an overview of the hot topics IPEC-Americas is tracking.

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2022 YIR

IPEC-Americas 2022 Year in Review

This infographic provides a high-level snapshot of IPEC-Americas accomplishments in 2022.  The accompanying annual report will be available in Q1 2023.

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Composition Infographic

Defining Excipient Composition

This infographic is the first in a series of Excipient Composition infographics.  It gives an overview of how starting materials become bulk finished excipients, as well as, lists materials that may be found in a finished excipient.

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Excipient Composition: Process aids and additives

This infographic:

1. Defines where processing aids and other additives get added into the manufacturing process.

2. Illustrates the potential impact/unintended consequences of undeclared processing aids and other additives.

3. Provides examples of questions users should ask suppliers during the supplier/excipient qualification process.

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U.S. Type IV Drug Master Files: The Facts

Clarifies current misconceptions regarding excipient DMFs and provides a high-level overview of the regulatory process for filing.

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Top Mgmt GMP Preview

Top Management GMP

Outlines the importance of top management supporting excipient GMP requirements and consequences of non-compliance.

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IA Value Prop Preview

IPEC-Americas Value Proposition

Explains the value and significance of becoming involved in IPEC-Americas activities - including education and opportunities to comment on/develop global guidances and standards.

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IPEC Foundation Preview

IPEC Foundation Overview

Provides awareness of what the Foundation does and clear information on how academia and industry might get involved.

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IPEC Federation Overview

Provides awareness of what the Federation is as well as its strategic focus.

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