eLearning Courses Now Available

The Level 1 courses are specifically intended for manufacturing plant workers in Production & Maintenance, Laboratory, and Warehouse/Bulk Handling.

Introduces the basics of excipient Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) with emphasis on the compliance responsibilities for supervisors of hourly and/or “first-line” workers.

This course will help understand and apply criteria for the selection, qualification, and ongoing quality oversight of excipient manufacturers and distributors for the pharma user.

The webinar discusses the importance of building relationships between the excipient manufacturer and auditor. 

The webinar originally aired on Wednesday, July 18, 11:00 am to 1 pm

How Does the IPEC-Americas eLearning Program Work?

IPEC-Americas has partnered with iCohere, a California company that offers a “unified learning (system which) brings the many modes of professional development and collaboration into a single (web-based) delivery platform. Unified Learning is about integrating different modes of learning into a single, consistent user experience.”[1]

Curriculum and content is being developed by the IPEC-Americas Excipient Learning Lab Team (ELL). Attendees can register and pay online for courses, view the course, complete learning evaluations, and receive a certificate of completion when they have successfully finished the course and evaluations.

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