eLearning Courses Now Available

There are three separate Level 1 courses specifically intended for manufacturing plant workers. The courses are: Production & Maintenance, Laboratory, and Warehouse/Bulk Handling.

Introduces the basics of excipient Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) with emphasis on the compliance responsibilities for supervisors of hourly and/or “first-line” workers.

The course is for pharmaceutical manufacturers to help them understand & apply criteria for the selection, qualification and ongoing quality oversight for excipients

How Does the IPEC-Americas eLearning Program Work?

IPEC-Americas has partnered with iCohere, a California company that offers a “unified learning (system which) brings the many modes of professional development and collaboration into a single (web-based) delivery platform. Unified Learning is about integrating different modes of learning into a single, consistent user experience.”[1]

Curriculum and content is developed by the IPEC-Americas Excipient Learning Lab Team (ELL) who are excipient subject matter experts (SMEs). Attendees can register and pay online for courses, view the course, complete learning evaluations, and receive a certificate of completion when they have successfully finished the course and evaluations.

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