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IPEC-Americas has three classes of membership:

Full Members are firms whose business regularly involves the production or manufacture of:

(i) pharmaceutical or other excipients
(ii) bulk excipient formulations (e.g., excipient blends); or
(iii) finished dosage pharmaceuticals or delivery systems containing pharmaceuticals or other excipients.

Affiliate Members are subsidiaries of full Members whose management is not controlled on a day-to-day basis by the Full Member company's management and who otherwise qualify for full membership.

Associate Members may consist of consultants, suppliers, advertising and marketing agencies and other individuals or companies who are interested in the activities of the Council and are either not paid or employed by a company or business entity that could qualify as a Full or Affiliate Member.

Employees of firms in all three membership classes may serve on Council standing and special committees, to receive membership bulletins and mailings, and to attend Council meetings and conferences. Associate Members, however have no voting rights and are not eligible for elective office.

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