Webinars are held once per month, and attendee participation is encouraged via Q&A and poll functions. Topics are focused on excipient related and/or supply chain issues and are changed or updated each year to stay relevant to industry developments.

All webinars are scheduled from 11:00AM - 1:00PM EST/EDT

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2017 Schedule

Jan. 18: Validation for Pharmaceutical Excipients, K. Ulman
Feb 15: US and Canadian DMF Filing via eCTD, A. Azevedo
Mar. 15: Excipients & Nanotechnology, S. Clancy & R. David
Apr. 19: A Practical Guide to Excipient Risk Assessment, D. Carter
May 24-25: Data Integrity for Excipient Makers and Distributors, I. Silverstein
Jun. 14: Additives and "Impurities" in Excipients, J. Zeleznik & G. Collins
Sept. 13-14: Global Regulatory Overview (in conjunction w/AAPS), P. Zawislak
Oct. 11: What Goes In? Excipient DMFs, Technical Files and Registration Documents, M. Raghuram, K. Ulman
Nov. 8: NSF/IPEC/ANSI 363-2014  Overview, I. Silverstein
Dec. 13: TEC Total Excipient Control, D. Schoneker

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