Committee Activities and Accomplishments

IPEC-Americas committees have designed a process for tracking ongoing activities in one central document. The “project tracking spreadsheet” contains information from each standing committee on various projects (including a brief project description), proposed final deliverables/timeline and a description of next milestone. Examples of projects being tracked include:

  • Update of the Excipient GMP Audit Guide, GMP Committee
  • Support of Elemental Impurities Coalition, Compendial Review Committee
  • Additives found in excipients, Excipient Composition Committee
  • Co-processed Excipient Guide, Quality by Design Committee
  • Revision of IPEC DMF Guide, Regulatory Affairs Committee
  • IPEC-Americas/IQ Novel Excipient Initiative, Safety Committee
  • Quality Agreement Guide, Excipient Qualification

Members have expressed positive feedback for the project tracking information and its use in sharing with corporate management the value of membership; i.e. return on investment.  For this reason, all information contained within the spreadsheet is available for IPEC-Americas members and a condensed copy of the information from the spreadsheet is available for the general public.

The updated spreadsheet is available in the Document Depot under the “Committees” folder for IPEC-Americas members who are logged into the web site. The condensed public version is available at: Summary of Activities (for download)

Please share this resource with your colleagues and supervisors to demonstrate the vital work IPEC-Americas members have been and are currently involved in.  Hopefully awareness of the projects from the spreadsheet will lead to opportunities for collaboration with other IPEC members! 

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