Eylul Cetindag

New Jersey Institute of Technology
PhD Candidate

Topic: Towards Quality by Design (QbD) of Pharmaceutical Oral Films Loaded with Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs

Eylul Cetindag is a Ph.D. candidate in Chemical Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Her thesis advisor is Dr. Rajesh DavĂ©. Eylul completed her undergraduate studies in Food Engineering at Hacettepe University with a minor in Chemical Engineering, Turkey and got her Master’s degree from Micro and Nano Technology at TOBB ETU, Turkey. Her Ph.D. studies focus on the development of regulatory science for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical strip-films loaded with poorly-water soluble drugs. Eylul has 4 published research articles from her Ph.D. studies and several in preparation. She is passionate about applying the experience to the science behind the formulation development.