IPEC Europe and IPEC-Americas Publish How to Document

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Tuesday, March 22, 2022


Brussels (Belgium)/Arlington, VA (U.S.), 22 March 2022

The International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council of the Americas (IPEC-Americas) and the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council Europe (IPEC Europe) announce the availability of a new How To document to the ECHA’s Proposal for an EU-wide Restriction on Intentionally Added Microplastics.

This document reflects IPEC Europe and IPEC-Americas current understanding of the ECHA’s proposal and may be subject to change until the proposal is formally adopted. It summarises the core elements of the restriction proposal and intends to provide guidance for excipient manufacturers and users on how to prepare for compliance.

This document represents voluntary guidance for the excipient industry and is for information purposes.

The How-to Document is available for download immediately via the websites www.ipecamericas.org and www.ipec-europe.org.

For further information contact the IPEC Europe Secretariat at:

+32 2 213 74 40 / info@ipec-europe.org

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