Users and Maker/Distributor Networks

IPEC-Americas welcomes members to participate:

If you and/or your company are a maker or a user of pharmaceutical excipients:

You are invited to consider joining either of the IPEC-Americas Networks.  The goal of the networks is very simple.  We look to share and collegially discuss excipient related information potentially impacting our ability to consistently manufacture, distribute, or control quality excipients intended for use in the manufacture of drug products.  When the opportunity exists, we will discuss and attempt to influence emerging regulatory policy based on established scientific, risk-based principles.  While our primary focus relates to excipient related challenges and opportunities existing in Central, North and South America (e.g. US Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act), our scope is global (e.g. Chinese State Food and Drug and Administration’s Regulation for Strengthening Supervision of Pharmaceutical Excipients).   In addition, we will look to routinely discuss and stay abreast with activities of the various IPEC-Americas Committees and Working Groups, and when relevant, activities from other regional IPEC divisions (Europe, China, Japan, etc).

Learn more here if you are unfamiliar with the IPEC-Americas Committees and Working Groups. Perhaps you will have the time and desire to join and actively participate on one or more of these committees to more effectively share your opinions as well as those of your company.   Through such interactions members of the Maker-Distributor Network or the Users Network not only help to shape the future of the pharmaceutical industry but also establish invaluable professional contacts throughout the pharmaceutical excipient Users and Makers communities.

Consider joining one of our networks and possibly recruit colleagues from your company.  Any questions you may have are welcome.  Please feel free to contact our office by phone or email.

Remember, the success of the Makers and Users Networks is dependent on active participation!  

Please contact our office if you would like to join the IPEC Maker-Distributor Network or the Users Network:
IPEC-Americas / 571-814-3450 /