Meeting Ambassadors

Calling All Friendly IPEC-Americas Volunteers!

Are you a “people person”? Are you passionate about IPEC-Americas? If so, we’d love to have you as a member Ambassador! Member Ambassadors help to orient new and prospective members into the organization at the quarterly committee meetings.
You are eligible if:

  • You regularly attend at least one quarterly committee meeting in person;
  • You are willing and able to arrive at that committee meeting at least 15 minutes prior to the start time;
  • You are not the Chair or Vice Chair of the committee for which you’d like to be an Ambassador. Chairs and Vice Chairs are welcome to become Ambassadors for any committee meeting they attend in person except the one(s) for which they are chair or vice chair.

Here’s what Ambassadors do:

  • E-mail the new/prospective member(s) a few days before the committee meeting to introduce yourself and make plans to meet the new/prospective member at the meeting. An IPEC-Americas staff member will provide you with contact details. We will try not to pair you with new / prospective members from a direct competitor company.
  • Meet the new / prospective member(s) at the meeting and sit with him/her/them during the meeting.
  • Send a follow-up “thank you for attending” e-mail to the new/prospective member(s)

If you’d like to volunteer, please send an e-mail with the following to Tammy Kramer:

  • The committee for which you’d like to be an Ambassador;
  • Any direct competitors with whom you’d prefer not to be paired.

Show your IPEC-Americas spirit and become a member Ambassador now (while you’re thinking about it!)