Participant Feedback

Excipient Auditing Workshop Feedback From Participants

About the Course:

  • I will definitely recommend this workshop to my manager and others at my company.
  • Would recommend this course to any excipient manufacturer.
  • The Excipient GMP Auditing workshop should be a pre-requisite for auditors. Not knowing GMP requirements make auditing difficult.
  • Great class. Gave me great ideas about a lot of areas of the plant; both production/lab where we have room for improvement. Gave me a lot of questions to go back to the plant with to find answers/better ways of doing things.
  • (The training) is a great tool for those of us who have not been formally trained in auditing and have to conduct audits of suppliers for our company.
  • The comparison/contrast between API and excipient was very good.
  • The open dialogue/discussions allowed for input from all participants.
  • As we are having a gap analysis, I learned a lot of great information that will make the gap analysis exercise slightly easier. Also great networking because manufacturing, users and distributors of excipients were present. Really liked the third day as we applied what was learned.
  • Good emphasis on what labeling excipients means in the industry according to the compendia and FDA interpretation of this relevant to specific sources (e.g., USP chapters, etc).
  • In general I can state that I feel well prepared with excellent tools that were provided and outstanding SME’s (subject matter experts). I had no previous experience with FDA/GMP & pharmaceutical audits. This course was very well worth it!
  • Mock audits – EXCELLENT training tool.
  • This was a great session for me to learn more about the relevant issues and nuances within the excipient industry. Although I will not likely be auditing, the material will help me to better work with our subcontractors so that we can support our customers to the best of our ability.
  • Beneficial in preparation for real life audits.
  • As someone completely new to the area of GMP I now have a lot of information to take back and evaluate for our business.

About the Speakers

  • Your experience, advice, and sharing was very beneficial to a newcomer!
  • Both are excellent speakers and I would definitely sign up for another course. I also enjoyed all the class participation time and being able to hear all the real world examples.
  • The examples that (speakers) both gave from your experience added significantly to the presentation
  • Well designed course, presented by very professional and experienced instructors in this field.
  • Your combination of career experience; one from chemical industry and the other from pharma industry is extremely valuable for the course.
  • Personal experiences and lessons learned from prior industry was most valuable.
  • Liked how speakers encouraged & facilitated group discussion & input of different experiences.
  • Speakers were well prepared and provided great practical experiences to emphasize sections of the course.
  • I liked the real examples of facilities that (speakers) have audited.
  • Was great to get two perspectives and sets of experience/style of speaking.